Licensed Money Lenders

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Low Flexible Monthly Loan

Monthly Loan

Loan Amount: $3,000
Tenure: 6 Months
Monthly Payment: $560

Payday Loan

Loan Amount: $800
Tenure: 1 Month
Monthly Payment: $803

Business Loan

Loan Amount: $25,000
Tenure: 24 Months
Monthly Payment: $1542

** The data shown above is for illustration only. The interest rates offered to you will be based on your credit score and subject to the provider’s approval.

Thinking to get a loan from Singapore?

Looking for urgent cash? 

We have best solution for you. We always compare and filter out the best licensed moneylender to give you the best monthly loan. Make use if this loan to settle your bill or fulfil your personal needs.

Only Legal Moneylender

We only provide licensed money lender which approved by Ministry of Law. You can check through the Mlaw website’s licensed moneylender list.

FOC services is absolute free service. Although is FREE but we still provide the best services. We strive to understand your requirement and compare out the best licensed moneylender to you.

Most important note: Do not borrow from Loan Sharks​

Don’t be the next victim! Tragedy can be avoid.

Loan Shark

  • Will solicit for borrowers through SMSes, WhatsApp and other platforms e.g. Facebook, Carousell
  • Will ask for your bank account number and password, as well as details of your employers
  • Do not have office premises

Legal Moneylender

  • Advertise only on business directories, moneylender’s website and at moneylender’s offices
  • Do not ask for passwords to confidential accounts (such as bank account number)
  • Have a physical office approved by the Registrar of Moneylenders